What are knowledge nuggets?

This is a collection of micro-learning nuggets on emerging topics.

There is a huge shift in learning today. We have less time on hand, huge deliverables and responsibilities, and need to keep pace with changing times and business needs. Formal, annual training programs are just not enough to keep pace with the need for constant learning.

Knowledge Nuggets addresses these challenges.

Knowledge Nuggets refers to a learning strategy that delivers learning content to learners in short, bite-sized, and easily digestible learning nuggets. A nugget is focused on meeting one specific learning outcome, by breaking down a large topic into bite-sized modules and allowing the learner to take them in the order of their choice.


Our Knowledge Nuggets Include:

  1. Knowledge Nugget Video.
  2. Specialized Knowledge Nugget Handout.
  3. Interactive discussions.
  4. Core activities to practice the skills learned.
  5. Personalized certificate of completion.

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Knowledge Nuggets

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This is a collection of nuggets on short, concise and focused learning objectives.