Do you often catch yourself starting your sentence with "I'm not a tech person, what I wanted to say is..."? Do you get excited about your business idea but then get that thought flash "If I only knew how to translate it to tech..."? Are you a great business person who knows so well your field, your customers and the solution to their struggles in the form of an application, but have no time nor clue where to start with building it? More often than not, what could actually be more important than claiming back your time, is getting that headspace to focus on what really matters to you as a business owner: product idea, investments, sales, partnerships. If you talked tech, the rest could be done by others (the tech team) for you.

As a software engineer and product manager, Tijana has worked with dozens of non-technical entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between the business and tech. It's all about translating what is the most valuable - an idea - into a successful technical implementation. A few practical tips and some tweaks without that fear of not being a tech person. And ask for exactly what you need done, and eventually launch it as a software product.

Remember. technology is just a tool and it's only as valuable as the human objective behind it. If you fear that nowadays you can't make money in tech without learning to code, consider that a systematic step by step guide might  easily be all you need to become a founder of a tech business and provide your solution at much greater scale than you're doing right now.

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Tijana Momirov tells us how the "Launch and Grow a Tech Startup Without a Tech Co-Founder" course will help you!

Launch and Grow a Tech Startup Without a Tech Co-Founder

5 Course Bundle Path

This bundle path focuses on these core concepts which you will learn while completing the courses:

☑ Confidence to present a tech product idea and plan the development and               launch,

☑ An opportunity to start a business you've always wanted, but believed you               don't have the knowledge and resources, 

☑ Networking and learning from peers, and

☑ Transparently work on the development.

Benefits of completing these courses

Throughout completing the courses in this bundle path you will benefit these learnings:

☑ Confidence to present a tech product idea,

☑ Ability to plan the development and launch,

☑ Ability to validate the business idea in a lean way,

☑ Ability to specify the requirements,

☑ Knowing who to hire and in which project phase,

☑ Efficient onboarding,

☑ Confidence to lead a tech team,

☑ Modern team management and collaboration techniques and tools, and

☑ Know when you are ready to launch.

Launch and grow a tech startup without a tech co-founder bundle

All the courses in this bundle are also available and optionally, can be purchased individually.

Tijana Momirov

"Go from the idea stage to launch covering requirements and MVP planning, to hiring and on boarding the team, and pivoting & launch preparations."

Bonus resources included in this bundle path

Enrolling to these courses has substantial benefits besides the learning outcomes:

☑ Networking with peers,

☑ Brainstorming with peers,

☑ Extensive Q&A,

☑ Downloadable material,

☑ Practical assignments, and

☑ Certificate of course completion.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% refund if you're not happy with the courses or you realize it simply isn't for you.

Here's how it works

If you have NOT viewed more than 10% of any course in the bundle AND are willing to get on a call with the instructor to explain why you're not happy with a course, we offer 100% refund.

Meet Your Instructor

Startup Consultant

Tijana Momirov

Tijana Momirov is a software engineer, product manager and founder of StartupSetup ( where she helps founders start their startups, all in a remote, agile and super lean way by leveraging the gig economy. She’s been a full time nomad since 2010 and loves blogging and giving talks about nomadic lifestyle, managing remote teams, future of work, the gig economy, productized services and more. She is a co-author of “Your Company with No Walls” ( ) and mentor at various startup organizations.

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Launch and Grow a Tech Startup without a Tech Co-Founder Bundle

Bridging the gap between your business idea and the tech execution.

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Still have any questions?

  • How techie do I need to be for this course?

    Only general computer literacy is required (internet browser, video conference tools, PDF documents and similar).

  • What is the interaction like with the instructor?

    There are live Q&A sessions after each lesson where you can directly ask questions, and also listen to other peers asking the questions and the instructor responding. In addition, after each breakout room, the brainstorming result is shared with the instructor and discussed live.

  • What is the interaction like with the peers?

    Within each chapter there is a breakout room slot, where a small group of peers can brainstorm according to the instructor's explanation.

  • Do I need to do some work apart from attending the chapter?

    While it is not obligatory for you, each chapter will include a suggested assignment designed for you to get practical and understand how to apply your new knowledge in your business.

  • Is this course good for me if I've already started my tech product development?

    For sure! You can revise your actions, tweak where needed and prepare for the next steps. Understandably, many first-time tech founders miss on some crucial points and the sooner that gets fixed the better.